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Aviation, Flight, Airplane

Ultimate Aviation Links - Aircraft Part Manufacturers

Airplanes Parts For Sale - Parts Manufacturers

Pacamor Kubar bearings -
An American owned and operated small businessthat has the flexibility to respond rapidly to your aerospace needs. With over 40 years of experience, PACAMOR KUBAR BEARINGS is a trusted name in precision miniature and instrument aerospace and aircraft ball bearings.
Electronics International Inc. -
E.I. Designs, Manufactures, Repairs, Supports & Sells high quality digital aircraft instruments. Almost all instruments are TSO'd, PMA'd & STC'd as primary replacement. Industry leader in quality & support since 1979. Contact us for your FREE Information Package and ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS GUIDE.
Allison Advanced Development Company -
Allison Advanced Development Company (AADC) is an IHPTET leader in innovative technology for advanced propulsion systems.
Associated Spring - Manufacturer of precision springs, stampings, and custom metal products. Advanced product engineering and prototyping to solve your toughest problems.
BAE Systems - BAE SYSTEMS is Europe's leading aerospace and defence company. It specialises in the design, development, research, engineering and manufacturing of civilian and military aircraft and advanced electronic equipment and technology.
BF Goodrich - BFGoodrich Aerospace provides essential products and services to the commercial, military, general aviation and space industries. We produce high quality, original-equipment systems, aftermarket components and systems, and provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services.
Champion Aviation Products - Federal-Mogul has earned a global reputation for high-quality and performance-proven aviation solutions. This is readily apparent in its Champion-brand turbine engine exciters, leads, and igniters; Champion-brand piston engine spark plugs, filters, and harnesses; as well as in its extensive line of Champion-brand power converters (TRUs).
Concorde Battery Corp. - Concorde Battery Corporation, a manufacturer of specialty lead-acid batteries, is the leading producer of military aircraft, corporate aircraft and general aviation lead-acid aircraft battery.
DuPont Aerospace Enterprise - Whenever the need is to fly farther, faster and safer DuPont has leading-edge technologies to help you achieve new performance goals.
Eaton Corporation - Eaton Corporation is a global diversified industrial manufacturer of highly engineered products that serve industrial, vehicle, construction, commercial and aerospace markets.
Fansteel/Wellman Dynamics - Recognized for delivering highest quality castings and pushing the envelope of sand casting technology. The company is best known as a primary supplier of complex components for helicopters, missiles, rocket engines, jet engines, and structural parts for both military and commercial aircraft.
Fastener Dimensions, Inc. - Fastener Dimensions, Inc. is both a manufacturer and distributor of AN, MS, NA, NAS fasteners and related aircraft and aerospace components with the capability of manufacturing of modifying to blueprint specifications.
Firewall Forward Aero Engines, Inc. - Manufacture the Honda Civic based CAM 100 aircraft engine and build custom aero-engines and Propeller Speed Reduction Units (PSRU's) for the burgeoning non-certified aircraft market.
Garmin - Designing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge Global Positioning System - GPS - receivers and other consumer electronics.
GE Aircraft Engines - GE Aircraft Engines is the world's leading manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft jet engines. The company produces and services large and small jet engines for airlines, charter and leasing companies, and military aircraft.
Grove Aircraft Company - We are manufacturers of landing gear, wheels and brakes, etc. for both certified and experimental aircraft. We enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, delivery, price and engineering assistance.
Hamilton Sundstrand - Hamilton Sundstrand is The Aerospace Power Company. We specialize in electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power conversion, management and distribution.
Honeywell (AlliedSignal) - Honeywell Aerospace is the world's largest source of products and services to the aerospace industry.
Kellstrom Industries, Inc. - Kellstrom's principal business is the purchasing, refurbishing (through subcontractors), marketing, reselling and leasing of aircraft jet engines, jet engine parts and commercial aircraft.
Lord Corporation - Lord Corporation is the leader in shock, vibration and noise attenuation, motion management, bonding and coating materials, and controllable fluids and systems development.
Lucas Aerospace - TRW Aeronautical Systems (Lucas Aerospace), a company of TRW, supplies high integrity systems and equipment to civil and military markets.
MONROY AEROSPACE - produces a low cost collision avoidance product for general aviation aircraft (the ATD-200) and also long range upgrades for Mooney airplanes.
Moog - Moog is a worldwide manufacturer of precision motion control components and systems for aerospace, industrial and military applications.
Parker Hannifin Corporation - Parker Aerospace offers the industry's most complete line of hydraulic, fuel, and pneumatic systems and components, including servo systems, valves, pumps, controls, hose assemblies, rigid tube, manifolds, actuators, nose-wheel steering, heat transfer systems, monitoring and control computers, fuel injection and management systems, and wheels and brakes.
Pratt & Whitney - Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of aircraft engines, gas turbines and space propulsion systems.
Precision Aviation Products - Precision Airmotive, Precision Engines, Lamar Technologies, Precision Logistics and Skypac all fall under the expanding umbrella of Precision Aviation Products.
Rapco, Inc. - Years of experience, the latest technology and low overhead enable us to produce a broad range of replacement parts that meet the rigid FAA standards for safety and performance at the lowest possible cost.
Rockwell Collins - Rockwell Collins is a world leader in the development and production of advanced communication and aviation electronics for the air transport, regional, business and military markets.
Rolls-Royce - The name Rolls-Royce is a welcome sight to millions of airline passengers. With the world's broadest range of aero engines, every day we provide the power for over 300 leading airlines.
Superior Air Parts, Inc. - Aftermarket piston aircraft parts manufacturer for Lycoming and Continental engines.
Teledyne Continental Motors - Teledyne Continental Motors is a leading supplier of power plants for manned and unmanned aircraft, including new and rebuilt piston engines and parts for general aviation aircraft.
Textron Lycoming - Leading supplier of aircraft power plants.
Triumph Group, Inc. - Designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes, repairs and overhauls aircraft components such as mechanical and electromechanical control systems, aircraft and engine accessories, APU' s, avionics and aircraft instruments.
Unison - Unison is the recognized leader in the design, development, and manufacture of piston and turbine aircraft ignition systems.
Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor specializes in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves and control components for liquids and gases in critical applications in the aerospace, nuclear and scientific industries.
Woodard - Woodward AES is the industry's leading supplier of integrated engine fuel delivery systems.
3M Aerospace -

Aviation, Flight, Airplane

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