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Aviation, Flight, Airplane

Ultimate Aviation Links - Aviation Flying Clubs

Aviation Flying Clubs for Pilots

Aero Club of New England - The Aero Club of New England was established in 1902 and as such is the oldest aeronautical club in existence in America and the second oldest in the world. It is affiliated as a chapter of the National Aeronautical Association, the United States national representative of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.
Alameda Aero Club - The Alameda Aero Club is a small, all volunteer, non-profit flying club dedicated to promoting general aviation and providing our members with well-maintained, inexpensive airplanes. We are based at the North Field of Oakland International Airport, across the Bay from San Francisco in Northern California.
Aspen Flying Club - Aspen Flying Club unites a group of pilots, flight instructors and a fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying. Members pay an initiation fee and monthly dues, and in return, they receive access to the aircraft, flight instructors and all the benefits listed below. We take pride in our long reputation for quality, safety and service.
Blue Sky Aviation Association - An alternative to NJ aircraft rental, Blue Sky Aviation is a NJ Flying Club based at Solberg-Hunterdon Airport in Readington New Jersey.
Brampton Flying Club - Established in 1946 by a small group of businessmen sharing a common desire to learn to fly, Brampton Flying Club has grown to become the largest flying club in Canada. Home is the Brampton Airport located abeam the picturesque Caledon Hills just minutes from downtown Toronto.
Calgary Flying Club - The Calgary Flying Club is located at the Springbank Airport which is a five minute drive west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Club is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and only a short drive from Banff National Park.
Capital Area Light Flyers - The Capital Area Light Flyers USUA 4 Ultralight Club, Washington, DC
CU Flying Club - The CU flying club is open to anyone that is interested in aviation. You don't even have to be a pilot. We have a meeting each month where we discuss club events and either have a speaker from the aviation industry, or show aviation related movies.
Dayton Pilots' Club - The Dayton Pilots' Club is a modern progressive flying club dedicated to the purposes of flying safety, the advancement of general aviation, and to providing economical, well equipped, and well maintained aircraft for the use of its members.
FLYERS, Inc. - A not-for-profit flying club based At Montgomery Field, MYF in San Diego, California.
Flying Aces - The Flying Aces is a non-profit social flying club based in San Jose, California since 1967. Our main objective is to provide our members with the most economical means with which to pursue their love of flying. We also sponsor many social and educational activities oriented towards flying.
Flying Grasshoppers, Inc. - The Flying Grasshoppers, Inc. was founded in 1974 by a group of Walt Disney World employees who love to fly. As a private, company-sponsored flying club, its purpose at that time was to offer a safe, fun, inexpensive means for WDW employees and their families to enjoy recreational flying and obtain flight instruction. Although long ago the Grasshoppers' affiliation with WDW was dissolved and the club opened its doors to a wider membership, the mission always remained the same.
Georgia Sport Flyers - The Georgia Sport Flyers Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion, education and safety of ultralight flight, but encourages and accepts members from all walks of aviation.
GOLDEN EMPIRE FLYING ASSOCIATION - The Golden Empire Flying Association is a 501©3 non-profit organization located in Grass Valley, California. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday and are largely social with speakers and educational seminars.
Golden Gate Flyers - Golden Gate Flyers is an organization of gay, lesbian, and bisexual aviators, including private and professional pilots, aviation professionals as well as aviation enthusiasts. Serving all of Northern California.
Hot Wings Aviation - Hot Wings Aviation LLC is Indianapolis' only flying club featuring a Mooney 231. Our LLC (Limited Liability Company) was organized and chartered on March 22, 1997. We are dedicated to providing our members with a fast, affordable, available aircraft. The aircraft is based at Metro airport (KUMP), in Fishers, Indiana.
Jersey Aero Club - Welcome to the home page of the Jersey Aero Club, New Jersey's oldest active flying club. As of October 19, 2002, we are based at Lakewood Airport (N12 ) in Ocean County, New Jersey. We normally have 150 members and 5 airplanes.
International Aerobatic Club - the world's largest sport aerobatic organization promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of aerobatics
Lehigh Valley Flying Club - The Club was founded in 1956 as the Slatington Flying Club with twenty-three social and twenty-three active members. As more members from around the Lehigh Valley joined, the Club grew and moved to the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton (ABE) Airport in 1975. In 1981 we changed our name to the Lehigh Valley Flying Club. Our club now has about one hundred and twenty active and nineteen social members. Our members also formed the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #1338.
Lexington Flying Club - Chartered as a nonprofit Kentucky corporation in 1954, the Lexington Flying Club, Inc. presently can provide you with access to four airplanes. They are a Cessna 150, Cessna 172, and two Piper Archer II's.
Mid Island Pilots Club - Mid Island Pilots Club was founded in 1996 in order to provide a venue for pilots in the central Long Island area to meet and organize events and programs related to general aviation. Since its beginnings, it has developed into a well-organized team of pilots, with monthly meetings and programs, regular trips all over the northeast, visits to local air traffic control facilities, a monthly newsletter, safety programs and social activities.
Moccasin Flying Club - The Moccasin Flying Club is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a non-profit organization, chartered as a social club, which offers opportunities for members and their families to enjoy the fellowship and fun of flying.
Montreal Flying Club - In September of 1997, The Montreal Flying Club and Laurentide Aviation Ltd., joined forces becoming one of Canada's largest training centers with a worldwide reputation of excellence.
North Texas Flying Club - The North Texas Flying Club (NTFC) is a quickly growing group of men and women who have found themselves caught up in the thrilling realm of aviation. We have come together to enjoy the personal satisfaction of learning new skills, mastering skills already acquired, and making friends who share our love of all things that fly.
OSU Flying Club - The OSU Flying Club is a nonprofit organization committed to providing safe, inexpensive flying. Membership is available to students, staff, faculty, of OSU, LBCC, WOU, and Alumni of OSU.
Palo Alto Flying Club - Flight training and aircraft rentals in the heart of Silicon Valley!
Paramus Flying Club - For over forty years, the Paramus Flying Club has operated out of Teterboro Airport , in Teterboro, NJ , giving pilots from all over the New York area the flying experience they want at a price they can afford.
Phoenix Flight Group - A flying club dedicated to promoting recreational flying at Ellington field. The Phoenix Flight Group is sponsored by Lentz Enterprises. Special discounts and other services.
Phoenix Flyers - Phoenix Flyers is a non-profit member owned Flying Club based in Phoenix Arizona. Our Flying Club was founded in 1958 with the goal of providing excellent aircraft at reasonable rates. We maintain an active membership of around 50 members and have four aircraft. All aircraft are owned by Phoenix Flyers Inc., enabling us to keep our flying cost low. Our club members fly some of the nicest and best equipped aircraft in Phoenix. Our four club aircraft are based at Phoenix Deer Valley and Chandler Municipal
PionAir Flying Club - Welcome to the PionAir Flying Club at Western Oklahoma State College. The purpose of this club is to encourage interest in aviation, to provide safe, economical flying, for its members, and to advance the knowledge of it's members in aeronautical and related subjects.
Ponderosa Aero Club - Ponderosa Aero Club is eager to provide the best flying organization in the Treasure Valley and this is our new way of sharing information efficiently with our membership and potential new members.
Rochester Flying Club - The Rochester Flying Club (RFC) is a private, non-profit organization devoted to flying in Rochester NY. Founded in 1958, our purpose is to bring together individuals, new students as well as seasoned pilots, who wish to experience the joy of flying while continuing to learn and advance their flying skills and proficiency. Further, our intent is to provide readily available, cost-effective, safe and efficient aircraft for our members' use.
Rockwell Flying Club -
Santa Barbara Flying Club - Since 1947, the Santa Barbara Flying Club has made flying less expensive, more convenient, less hassle, and more fun for generations of pilots in the Santa Barbara, California area.
Santa Cruz Flying Club - The Santa Cruz Flying Club (SCFC) is located at the Watsonville Airport. We were formed by a group of flight instructors, aircraft owners, student and renter pilots at the Watsonville Airport eight years ago. We are here to provide affordable aircraft rental and professional flight training, in an informal, club-type atmosphere.
Sky-Vu Flyers - Sky-Vu Flyers, Inc. is dedicated to providing safe, affordable flying fun to its members. Our club is one of the oldest, continuously-operating, not-for-profit flying organizations in the state of Indiana. Incorporated in 1956, Sky-Vu Flyers has grown to 65 owner-members and five Cessna airplanes today.
Stanford Flying Club - The Stanford Flying Club is a non profit organization which specializes in Flight Training. It offers a network of resources: safe and up to date flight training, modern aircraft, interactive pilot training materials, as well as other educational aviation services.
Stick & Rudder - Stick & Rudder is a nonprofit flying club based at Waukegan Regional Airport. Established in 1948, it is one of the oldest and largest flying clubs in the United States.
T&G FLYING CLUB - WELCOME TO T&G FLYING CLUB, NORTHEAST OHIO'S FINEST IN FLIGHT TRAINING AND AIRCRAFT RENTAL Whether learning to fly, adding advanced ratings, or renting aircraft, you'll appreciate the many services that T&G has to offer.
Texas A&M Flying Club - Flight training in your own airplane—impossible, you say? It’s not! At the Texas A&M Flying Club, you get the benefits of aircraft ownership, like being able to fly whenever you want and go on overnight trips, but without the expense and hassle individual owners contend with.
Twin Cities' Premier Flying Club - Twin City Cloud 7, Inc. is a non-profit, member-owned flying club located at Flying Cloud airport [FCM] in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a Twin Cities suburb. Our members fly six fully-equipped, well maintained and hangared Cessnas. We have two C172 Skyhawks, a C177RG Cardinal RG, a C182 Skylane and two C210 Centurion.
Twin Falls Flyers - Twin Falls, Idaho. The Twin Falls Flyers is a modern progressive flying club dedicated to the purposes of flying safety, the advancement of general aviation, and to providing economical, well equipped, and well maintained aircraft for the use of its members.
University of California Flying Club - The UC Flying Club is a non-profit California corporation existing to provide aircraft at reasonably low rates for the training and general use of our members. Although flying is our primary activity, we hold occasional meetings during the academic year for flying films, speakers, discussions, and ground instruction.
University of Texas Flying Club - Membership to the University Flying Club is open to anyone. Membership dues are $50.00 per semester (Fall or Spring); $35.00 for both Summer Sessions. There are two types of memberships: pilot and non-pilot.
Upper Fifteen - Upper Fifteen, Inc. is a flying club which has been based at Albany County Airport for nearly fifty years. New members do not need to be licensed pilots to join. We're looking for people who are enthusiastic about flying and about continuing to improve their flying skills and experience.
Vagabond Flying Association - The Vagabond Flying Association is a member owned flying club based at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL. Formed in the late 1950's with a single Piper Vagabond, we're one of the oldest flying clubs in Northern Illinois. Today we fly three well maintained single engine, fixed gear airplanes: a 1980 Cessna Skyhawk II, a 1977 Piper Warrior II and a 1976 Piper Cruiser.
Washington Flyers Club - The Washington Flyers Club, Inc. is a Pennsylvania non profit corporation and social organization for pilots. The club meets monthly at it's private clubhouse on the grounds of the Washington County Airport (AFJ), Washington, PA, where we have been in existence since 1952. Membership is open to any person holding a student pilot's license or higher.
West Valley Flying Club - The West Valley Flying Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing well-equipped, professionally maintained aircraft at reasonable cost, excellent instruction for both new and experienced pilots, and aviation-related activities for its members.
Whidbey Island Navy Flying Club - The Whidbey Island Navy Flying Club, or WINFC ("winfack"), is proud to be the largest and most prosperous Navy flying club in the world! Spectacular flying conditions and scenery are the cornerstones of that prosperity.

Aviation, Flight, Airplane

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