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Aviation, Flight, Airplane

Air Safety & Disasters

Air Disasters & Flight Safety

AirDisaster.com - Featuring Breaking News, historical accident data, accident photos, videos, recordings, transcripts, and reports. Also features a public Safety Forum.
Air Safety Line - The official Air Safety website for the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).
Air Safety Online - Special reports, ongoing coverage, statistics, forums, and photos of aviation accidents and disasters.
AirSafe.com - Airline safety information from the passenger perspective as well as other useful information for the traveling public.
Air Security International - ASI provides business clients with international risk assessments and security services.
Assistance to Families of Aviation Disasters - U.S. Department of Transportation Task Force on Assistance to Families of Aviation Disasters
Aviation Consumer Action Project - We represent an international group of thousands of air travelers, airline pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, air safety experts, air disaster victims and government officials. We seek an increase in air safety and security while protecting consumer rights.
AviationCRM.com - Aviation Crew Resource Management and Human Factors Training
Aviation Human Performance Factors and Crew Resource Management - This web site will provide you with a virtually unlimited number of related resources via links to NASA, the FAA, and other aviation related sites. The site is also designed to provide you with an interactive environment to support your exploration and research in the areas of Aviation Human Performance and Cockpit/Crew Management Concepts.
Aviation Safety Alliance - The Aviation Safety Alliance is a 501(c)(6) advocacy organization dedicated to educating the media and the general public about aviation safety.
Aviation Safety Information from the FAA
Aviation Safety Institute - The Aviation Safety Institute is a non-profit aviation safety research center with headquarters in Worthington, Ohio. Since 1973 we've studied the most overlooked, most important area of aviation safety: operational incidents which but for one or more missing links would be accidents.
Aviation Safety Network - The resource centre for airliner accidents and civil aviation safety issues.
Aviation Safety Reporting System - The Aviation Safety Reporting System is a joint venture by NASA and the FAA to collect and analyze data to lessen the likelihood of aviation accidents.
Clifford Aviation Lawyers - Established in 1984 by personal injury attorney Robert A. Clifford, the aviation lawyers at Clifford Law Offices represent clients involved in helicopter, small aircraft, and airliner crashes.
Fatal Events and Fatal Event Rates by Airline - Fatal event rates of airlines by region based on fatal events and estimated traffic since 1970.
Fear of Flying - Features more than two thousand airplane crashes, near misses, and related accidents organized by date.
Flight Safety Foundation - An international organization concerned with the safety of flight.
Jet Safety.com - includes crash data, mid-air collision/misses, bird strikes, crash photos, safety links, & the F-16 Crash page.
National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation
PlaneCrashInfo.com - Aviation accidents from 1908 through the present.
Safe Skies International - Aviation professionals who provide news, safety awareness, aviation knowledge and regulatory insight for the flying public.

Aviation, Flight, Airplane

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